esther woodward



Coming from the great country down under, Esther represents Supercross BMX with the true Supercross style; she has fun and gives back to the BMX community. As one of the fastest girls at the track, Esther is a role model to the kids and she is more than willing to help a fellow BMX mate out.


About Esther

Full Name: Esther Woodward
Career #: 50
Age: 16
Height: 159cm
Class: Jnr elite Women

Favorite thing about Supercross: Everything
Years Riding: 8
Pets: My brother
Pet Peeves: Being bored
Home Town: Bendigo VIC
Favorite Track: Nerang and Sleeman SX complex
What do you do when you’re not riding: Shopping, Eating and Gym
Your Hero: Alise Post
Favorite Music: Anything Motivating
Favorite Food: Massive fruit salad full of all the yummy fruits
Favorite Drink: Milkshakes
Guilty Pleasure: Nutella on Pancakes
Favorite Race: 2013 ACT state titles where i slipped through an opening and went into third and held of the pack for the rest of the race.
Best thing about BMX: Having a good race and Traveling
Worst thing about BMX: Crashing and Riding in the cold
Favorite Magazine: BMX Press
5 Websites you visit every day: Facebook, Instagram, bmxaustralia.com.au, bmxnews.com
Dream Car: Jeep Wrangler
Dream Vacation: USA
Riding Crew: James Lautier, Grace Galley, Brock Tuckerman, Shane Jenkins and Shaun Collins

Bonus Questions:

On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? A Monkey Because they are cute and cuddly
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Water Balloons, no one sees them coming
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? how fast can he chuck wood?
If you have any other random facts you would like the world to know about you. If i say im going to do something i will, no matter how many goes it takes me or how long it takes me but i will do it.