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Rachel is new to the Supercross team for 2013 and she is leading the way for the girls amateur program. Rachel is a great kid and role model and with Kim Hayashi as her coach and mentor, there was no better pick for the Supercross program. There are going to be some great things coming from this girl in the upcoming years. Watch out, Hot Salsa is coming!


About Rachel

Full Name: Rachel Mydock
NickName: “The Boss”
Career #: Nag 2
Age: 16
Class: 15-16 girls

Height: 5’4”
Favorite thing about Supercross: The support and the family atmosphere.
Years Riding: 8
Pets: Golden Retriever named Lucky.
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers and when people talk with old slang words such as “grub” and “chow”…I don’t know why that bothers me.
Home Town: Glendale, Arizona
Favorite Track: It changes a lot and there isn’t one that stands out except I remember I loved Lake Perris when I was younger.
What do you do when you’re not riding: Go to school, train, hang out with family and friends, watch motocross with the family, and I like to try and play golf when I get a chance.
Your Hero: Tim Tebow
Favorite Music: I like such a variety of music; you can’t make me choose just one!
Favorite Food: Chipotle
Favorite Drink: Strawberry Lemonade
Guilty Pleasure: Probably Jack in the Box tacos… if you’ve never tried them, put it on your bucket list.
Favorite Race: Winter Nationals
Best thing about BMX: Winning, the people you meet, the places you go, and the lessons you learn.
Worst thing about BMX: Crashing
Favorite Magazine: J-14 Teen magazine and Pull.
5 Websites you visit every day: Twitter, Instragram, Google, Youtube, and the fifth one is different every day.
Dream Car: Lately I’ve been admiring Range Rovers but before that my dream car was a blue Mustang GT. But in reality I would be pumped with the typical Toyota Truck.
Dream Vacation: I really want to go to New York City as well as The Bahamas.
Riding Crew: Kim Hayashi, Lexa Jones, Kaeli Lixandru, Samantha Usery, Courtney Atwater, and Austin Inmon.

Bonus Questions:

On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? A monkey because they are crazy and I think they would be an awesome pet to have.
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Water Balloons because I always get shot in the face with water guns.
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? Well it depends on how much wood but I’ll say 7 days.

Besides BMX and school there isn’t too much about me except the fact that I love Tim Tebow, some say it’s an obsession but I say it’s just love. I’ve always been a Jonas Brothers fan since I was young and that still hasn’t changed.  My favorite motocross racer is definately Ryan Dungey. I have a love/hate relationship with the game of golf. One of the best feelings is slipping into a new pair of Nike shoes. I love getting new followers on instagram and twitter and well if you want to know more about me… you should give me a follow.

Bike Inspection

Frame: Supercross Envy
Fork: Supercross
Headset: Speedline
Stem: Supercross
Bars: Supercross
Grips: ODI
Brake Lever: Donny Robinson Carbon
Brake Cable: Odyssey Linear Slick
Brake Caliper: Speedline
Seatpost Clamp: Speedline
Seatpost: Supercross
Saddle: Tioga
Crankset: FSA
Chainring: Tangent
Chain: Sram
Rear Hub: Supercross Quick Twitch
Front Hub: Supercross Quick Twitch
Front Rim:
Rear Rim: Alienation Runaway
Front Tire: Maxxis DTH
Rear Tire: Maxxis DTH
Chain Tensioners: Supercross
# Plate: Stasis
Custom Mods: