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justin anderson



Do you need a job done? Or just someone to play Call of Duty with? Well we've got a hitman for you. His name is Justin Anderson and he just picked up a new ride wit Supercross just before the USABMX Nationals at his home track in Bakersfield, CA.

Justin and his dad Wendell have always been huge Supercross fans and supporters and we are stoked to bring that support even closer.


About Justin

Full Name: Justin Leo Anderson
Nickname: Hitman
Age: 18
Class: Jr Men & 17/18 x
Height: 6' 4"

Favorite thing about Supercross: My teammates and Supercross products
Years riding: 14
Pets: My dog bella
Pet peeves: People who yell at there kids for a bad race
Home town:  Bakersfield, Ca
Favorite track:  Metro BMX
What do you do when your not riding: Kick back and enjoy family and friends
Your hero: All my family
Favorite music: Rap & R&B
Favorite food: Sun flower seeds
Favorite drink: Water
Guilty pleasure: Playing video games late into the night and staying up late at nationals.
Favorite race: The Grands
Best thing about BMX: My friends
Worst thing about BMX: Getting hurt
Favorite magazine: Pull
5 websites you visit every day: Facebook. Twitter. BMX news. BMX Mania.  Vintagebmx
Dream car: Mustang Cobra
Dream vacation: Anywhere out of the US
Riding crew: You know lol

Bike Inspection

Coming Soon...