Factory BMX Race Team

bubba harris



Bubba is a 3 time ABA #1 Pro and a Former UCI World Champion. 2011 is Bubba’s second season on the Supercross Factory Squad and is ready to reclaim his ABA #1 Pro Title to lock him in the record books as the Greatest Of All Time with more #1 Pro Plates than any other BMXer in the History of the sport. Aside from Bubba’s racing on the track, Bubba takes his Supercross ENVY around the country teaching clinics with his Dad’s Supercamp program. With the Races and the Clinics, Bubba gets more one on one face time with the BMX kids than any other BMXer in the world. And while he is doing all of this he is a loving father to his new daughters Layla and Khloe.


About Bubba

NickName: Bubba
Career #: 101
Class: AA/Elite Pro

Height: 6' 2"
Favorite thing about Supercross:  My amazing custom anodized bike
Years Riding: 19
Pets: 3 Akitas: king,kazor and Domino
Pet Peeves: Sitting down at the dinner table for small talk after the bill is paid.
Home Town: Surprize, AZ.
Favorite Track: OTC, chandler bike park, my yard.
What do you do when you’re not riding: Take care of my little girl. Read books. Hang out with my wife.
Favorite Music: Authority Zero
Favorite Food: Nothing beats a good ribeye.
Favorite Drink: Water
Guilty Pleasure: Video games
Favorite Race: Worlds
Best thing about BMX: Having fun and being able to do what you love.
Worst thing about BMX: Injuries
Favorite Magazine: All BMX mags
Dream Car: Wouldn't mind a Trophy Truck
Dream Vacation: Anywhere with my wife and daughters.
Riding Crew: ...way more than i can count! you guys know who you are.

Bike Inspection

Frame: Supercross Envy Race Fram Pro XXL
Fork: Supercross SLT Gloss Black 20mm
Headset: Speedline Sealed Bearing
Stem: Supercross racerhead top load 65mm
Bars: Supercross Chopper Bars
Grips: Lizard Skin (Bubba Harris Signature Edition)
Brake Lever: Shimano DXR
Brake Cable: Shimano
Brake Caliper: Shimano DXR
Seatpost Clamp: Speedline Quick Release
Seatpost: Supercross Alloy Pivotal
Saddle: Supercross Pro Pivotal  Bubba Harris Signature Edition
Crankset: Speedline Elite 2 Piece
BB Kit: Speedline
Chainring: Tangent 4 Bolt
Chain: Speedline 1/2 Link
Rims: Alienation Runaway/Skylark Combo
Hubs: Supercross Quicktwitch 20mm front, 15mm rear
Spokes: Double Butted Stainless Steel
Tires: Maxxis DTH
Chain Tensioners: Speedline
Pedals: Speedline Clipless