Brandi Milligan - 17-27g

Brandi Milligan

Brandi is no stranger to Supercross bikes as she was on the Dirt Diva all girls BMX team, which was co-sponsored by Supercross, in her early years of racing. Brandi is not afraid to get dirty and work hard. Her and her family easily make the cut as they are lighthearted, good humored and fun to be around.

About Brandi

Full Name: Brandi Milligan
NickName: Brando
Career #: don’t have one yet.
Age: 19
Class: 17-20 girls.

Twitter Name: @itsbrando184
Instagram Name: Brandi_m184

Height: 5’9’’
Favorite thing about Supercross:
Years Riding: 10
Pets: One turtle. One frog. Two doggies.
Pet Peeves: People not going the speed limit and people spelling names wrong.
Home Town: Newhall
Favorite Track: The Supercross Playground track!!
What do you do when you’re not riding: Usually getting some other form of exercise in.
Your Hero: Dani George. Caroline Buchanan. Ashley Fiolek.
Favorite Music: Anything with a beat that goes H.A.M.!
Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese
Favorite Drink: Chocolate milk
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream. I will devour it!
Favorite Race: Any race where trouble is caused and I get to hangout with the team.
Best thing about BMX: Bragging about how great you are to people who don’t race.
Worst thing about BMX: My friends all live in different states. ☹
Favorite Magazine: PULL
5 Websites you visit every day: How about five apps I open every day because I’m not on the computer very much. Twitter, Instagram, Pandora,, and Chrome.
Dream Car: 68 Camaro. One day…
Dream Vacation: Australia, so I can surf with the sharks and hopefully pick up an accent.
Riding Crew: Dani George. Anyone at Sycamore and Ventura BMX.

Bonus Questions

On an African Safari, which animal would you smuggle back and why? A rhino. It can give me a ride to school and the track and it will ram everything out of its way.
Water Balloons or Water Guns? Balloons. Releases more water at one time and people never see them coming!
If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how many days would it take him? Hmm…

Bike Inspection

Frame: Yellow Envy v3

Fork: Blue Supercross SLT

Headset: Speedline

Stem: Supercross racerhead top load

Bars: Supercross Massives

Grips: ODI

Brake Lever: Sinz

Brake Cable: Oddessey

Brake Caliper:

Seatpost Clamp: white Speedline

Seatpost: Supercross

Saddle: Supercross Pivotal pro race

Crankset: 175 Speedline

BB Kit: Speedline

Chainring: Tangent

Chain: Speedline

Rear Hub: Supercross quicktwitch

Front Hub:



Front Rim:

Rear Rim:

Front Tire: 1.75 Maxxis

Rear Tire: 1.5 Maxxis

Chain Tensioners: white Speedline

# Plate: Status


Custom Mods: