Supercross Racerhead Front Load Stem Header



The Racerhead FL is designed for all around use, Park, Trails, Race, it is the do it all for everyone. CNC machined from Billet Block of Aluminum it has been precisionly chipped away to leave only the finest piece of performance stem available. The bottom has been 3D countoured to keep it smooth and stylish, and with bolts installed it is only a scant 8.8 ounces ( 250 grams ) with all 6 bolts installed for the 48mm size.

The Supercross BMX Racerhead FL Stems are available in 2 sizes and 5 Anodized colors:

  • 48mm x 1 1/8"
  • 53mm x 1 1/8"

Colors available are Black Anodized, Purple Anodized, Red Anodized, Teal Anodized and Blue Anodized. And new Limited Edition Colors. Get the LE Colors before they are gone.

Supercross BMX Racerhead FL Stems are only $59.95 MSRP.

As with all Supercross BMX Products they are available at your local Authorized Supercross BMX Dealer or Mail Order house or are available direct by clicking below.