E-Line Plastic Saddle Header



The Supercross E-line Saddles use a minimalist Lightning Bolt Graphic on the nose that pays homage to our 20 year history in the sport, and is molded in a few cool colors to make sure it will match any style of bike. Clear White. Matte Black, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue , Bright 80's Sunshine Yellow, Transparent Purple and Transparent Teal. And at only 6 ounces for the entire saddle it is a perfect way for weight reduction. We even have a Hollow Bolt to keep the weight down.

Aside from the Park Bikes we are used to seeing these on they have been starting to become a huge hit with the 10-14 expert race crowd, who want a larger saddle than a Mini style can provide, but are still watching their weight.

The Supercross E-line Saddle are available at your favorite Supercross BMX dealer now or you can buy one today by clicking below.