Supercross SX450z Header

A Modern Classic you can Race today!!

You have to know your history , and pay respect to your roots. BMX started decades ago on modified Schwinn Sting -Rays® which were hi tensile steel, brazed and mig welded. Basically death traps by today’s standards. A few BMX dads started to modify these old bikes, and a few even decided to start using Cro-mo tubing that they had been using for their race cars and dragsters. With that the first modern BMX Frame was born.

Now with Supercross, we didn’t build the first modern BMX race frame, heck I don’t think we were even in the first 50 BMX Brands to build frames, but when we did start, we built Cro-mo , which 25 years ago was the best at the time. And the new Supercross SX450z pays tribute to that.

Unlike all the other company’s that are building Modern Retro bikes, or tribute bikes, the SX450z is built to ride.

It is classic in the form that it built from Steel ( Air Hardened Triple Butted Cro-mo to be exact ), and it is Triple Show Chrome Plated, ( got to love Chrome right? ) and it has a Retro style inspired graphic. But that is where the Retro, or Tribute style ends. After that it is all modern, and probably, if not definitely the most advanced Cro-mo race frame available.

It starts out with a full CNC machined Campy integrated head tube, a custom air foil designed triple butted air hardened Cro-mo tube set, a Butted and tapered seatmast with built in seatpost clamp, a CNC’d Euro BB shell, tapered and butted seat stays and chain stays, and back side CNC’d laser cut dropouts w/ 15mm slots welded on to the cut and capped stay ends. And of course what would all of this Cro-mo gooddness be with out a full race pedigree so we build it up in our world famous and World Championship winning, Supercross geometry of the ENVY and ENVY BLK race frames.

The Supercross SX450z is a limited production for 2014, we are only going to build 25 pcs of each size in a limited edition Show chrome. Including the Limited Edition 26” BMX Cruiser Size. So you may want to get yours today as we are sure they are going to fly off the dealers shelves as fast as they are on the track.