Supercross Envy v3 Header

Starting a New Game of Follow the Leader - The New 2013 ENVY v3. The Bar has just been raised - Again.

Every year, we take input from our Factory Race Team as well as riders around the world. We listen to the feed back, we watch tons and tons of race video's and analyze what we can do to take our current frames, and make them better.

In 2011 we won the Pull Magazine Golden Crank Award for Bike of the Year, people said that our ENVY couldn't get any better, and while we were winning that award, at the 2011 ABA BMX Grand Nationals, we already had the team on prototypes of the next variation trying to improve on what many considered perfection. We went through 3 rounds of prototypes, and custom tube sets. We got out the Freelap timing system and did timed testing. And after the teams approval, we bring you the new 2013 Supercross ENVY v3 BMX racing Frame.

A few of the features of this new Supercross ENVY v3 Ultra Light BMX Race Frame include:

  • New 15mm Rear Dropouts with 10mm Adapters ( on PRO size and Larger Frames - Expert XXL and Smaller use a new 10mm dropout only )
  • New Tapered and Butted Custom Shaped Rear Chain Stays for Maximum Power Transfer
  • New Tapered and Butted Custom Shaped Seat Stays to Stiffen the Rearend
  • New Bulge Butted Seatmast for better BB Shell Support
  • Integrated Campy Style 45/45 Headtube
  • CNC Machined Euro BB shell
  • Backside CNC'd 3D Shaped Dropouts
  • Exclusive Custom Butted and Shaped Taperwall Downtube
  • Flipped Teardrop Taperwall Toptube
  • Tapered Chain and Seat Stays
  • All 2013 ENVY's now feature the Campy Integrated Headtube - There are Speedline 1" Campy Integrated Headsets available so you can run a 1" or 1 1/8" Fork/Stem combo in all sizes. With this you can run a 1" headset in an Expert XXL or Expert XL if that is the size your rider needs.

The Supercross ENVY is available in 14 stock sizes from Mini to Pro XXL in 20" sizes and Cruisers from Expert 24" to Pro XL 24". On occasion we will do custom runs such as Pro XXXL's or Mini Cruisers, so keep checking the news page or with your local dealer if you are wanting a custom size. Full specifications are listed in the chart below.

Stock colors are Gloss Black, Pearl White, Cyan Blue, Magic Yellow, and Full Polish. We will also on occasion be releasing limited production runs of the Team Riders Replica colors.

Custom Anodized Colors are available starting at a $100 upcharge, anodized frames are done custom to order and are not stock on the shelf. The minimum lead time for a custom Anodized frame is 14-21 days from when the raw frame is available.

MSRP on the new Supercross BMX ENVY v3 Race Frame starts at only $549.95 and have been shipping out just as fast as they are on the track. So if you are ready to make your competition green check with your local Authorized Supercross BMX Dealer or one of our Approved Mail Order Outlets to get yours today. And if you still have trouble finding them you can always order direct by clicking below.