Supercross Quick Twitch 20mm Hubs Header



The new Supercross Quick Twitch 15mm Rear Cassette and 20mm Front hubs are part of our constant evolution of building the best products in BMX. The Rear is still a prototype and not available to the public yet, but the Front 20mm is a production Item and ships with our 20mm SLT and 20mm LT-A Forks. We also offer the 20mm Front seperately if you want to retro fit your other brand of 20mm Forks, or if you want to color co -ordinate with your Rear Supercross Quick Twitch or Pro LT Hub.

The Rear 15mm Quick Twitch is based upon our regular Quick Twitch hub with the 120 engagement point ratchet ring and 36 teeth pawls. It uses the same size flanges to make it easy to lace into your existing wheels with std size spokes, and our custom Folmer Technology  Frictionless bearings have less friction and rolling resistance than ceramic bearings, and last over 4 times as long. The Custom 14mm Cro-mo Axle allows the Cassette Driver to still use the larger frictionless bearings for ultra smooth rolling and still allow the cassette mechanisim to use a std. Shimano style spline on the cog to allow for quick and easy gear changes.

The 20mm Front Quick Twitch comes with a 7075 T-6 Aluminum thru axle and rolls on oversize Frictionless bearings so the front end of your bike is held solid and spins ultra smooth.

The 20mm Quick Twitch Front Hubs are available in 28h and 36h drillings. Stock Colors are Black Anodize, White Powdercoat, Polished, Red Anodized, Blue Anodized and Gold Anodized.

Quick Twitch Rear Hub Dimensions

  • Drive Side Flange – 51.5mm Spoke Hole Circle
  • Non Drive Side Flange – 45mm Spoke Hole Circle
  • 2.5mm Spoke Holes
  • 54mm Flange to Flange Width
  • Rt Flange to Center - 24mm
  • Left Flange to Center – 26mm

Quick Twitch Front Hub Dimensions

  • 51.5mm Spoke Hole Circle
  • 2.5mm Spoke Holes
  • 64mm Flange to Flange Width
  • Center to Flange is 32mm