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The first frame we ever built was a race frame, but back then in 1989 you may of been a racer, but you took that same frame and rode the dirt jumps with it, you loved to ride, riding was your passion. As time progressed race frames became very race specific and kept getting lighter and designed for racing only and a new crop of Dirt Jump specific frames started showing up, bikes designed specifically for the dirt jumps. At Supercross we kept going down the race path, it is what we did and it is what we do, along the way we built a few dirt jump frames, but we always thought that they were too heavy and our riders kept using our cro-mo race frames as thier do everything bikes. In 2003 we introduced the MX frame, it was one of the first Dirt Jump frames to break the 5lb barrier. Transworld BMX gave it a 9.5 out of 10, and BMX Plus! gave it great reviews. But we are a Race Company so it was never marketed or pushed, it was a great Dirt Jump Frame for racers. Well now with Kris Fox and Mikey Brabant riding for us and with their deep dirt roots, we have revamped the MX and dubbed it the Passion.

Using a full seamless air hardened tubeset with a Double Butted Down Tube and a Triple Butted Top Tube it is very light and extra strong. On top of a great tube set, we have a CNC'd Mid Bottom bracket, a CNC'd Campy Style Intergrated Headtube with an engraved "SX" logo, backside CNC'd Heat Treated Cro-mo 1/4" thick 14mm dropouts with our exclusive 3/8" reducer option, a miter cut seatmast with a welded on seatpost clamp with replaceable bolt recess so that you can run your Pivotal Post Slammed and not worry about ever stripping out your frame by over tightening the clamp and of course removeable 990 mounts, Cable Guides and Gyro Tabs so you can ride the Passion in whichever manner you desire.

A few of the features of this new Passion Trail Frame include:

  • Full Seamless Cro-mo Construction
  • Integrated Campy Style 45/45 Cro-mo Headtube
  • CNC Machined Cro-mo Mid BB shell
  • Mitered Seatmast with Built On Seatpost Clamp with replaceable nut
  • Backside CNC'd 1/4" thick Cro-mo 14mm Dropouts
  • Removeable Brake Mounts, Cable Stops and Gyro Tabs
  • Triple Butted Top Tube and Double Butted Downtube
  • Ovalized Chainstays as they come off the BB lug for Greater Dent Resistance

The new Supercross BMX Passion Trail Frame is currently available in 6 Sizes. The sizes are 18", 20.5" TT , 20.75" TT , 21.00" TT, 21.25" and 21.5" TT.

MSRP on the 2012 Supercross Passion is $349.95 for painted colors or $399.95 for the Full Chrome Plated. Pick one up at your favorite local Supercross BMX Dealer today, or click the link below.