Supercross SLT BLK Fork header



The new Supercross SLT BLK Carbon fork is our first venture into a full Monocoque Carbon Fiber fork. The Manufacturing process of a solid 1 pc fork allows a stronger connection from the steertube to the fork blades so it is a stiffer and stronger structure, all while keeping the weight down. The SLT BLK Fork uses a tapered Steer Tube which goes from 1 1/8” at the top to 1.5” at the base to further enhance the forks stiffness and strength. Add in the full carbon w/ aluminum insert dropouts for a 20mm hub and you have a fork that is under 20 ounces that is ready for whatever course you are ready to throw at it.

The SLT BLK Fork is available in a Neutral Gloss Carbon as shown and also in a Limited Edition CYAN to match up with our ENVY BLK and our ENVY v5 Frames.