Supercross SLT 20mm Race Fork Header 


The 20mm SLT Race fork is the future of Cro-mo BMX racing forks. When the hype on the 20mm craze first hit, we were skeptical like you, but after months of testing in the lab and on the track, we can assure you the 20mm front end is not hype, it is fact.

The SLT 20mm Race fork starts off from the basis of our SLT fork, Cold Forged Butted 4130 Cro-mo Steertube with Internal Spiral Fluting, Butted and Tapered 4130 Cro-mo Legs, 1/4" Thick Cro-mo Dropouts and full post weld heat treating to make it ultra strong, all while keeping it nice and light.

Add in the welded in Compression Nut, and a 7075 T-6 aluminum Flush cap and you have a great fork. Make the dropouts our new 20mm pass through dropouts and you end up with a superfork.

We are offering the SLT 20mm Race fork in both regular and Integrated Versions. and in 20" and 24" sizes. The Regular fork requires a 1 1/8" press on bottom race of your headset, the SLT-i Integrated Version works only with frames with Campy Style Integrated Headtubes and does not require the bottom race, just drop the bearing on and go. 1 less part so it is lighter and it is easier to install.