Supercross Pro LT Race Fork Header


After the success of our Supercross Pro Forks for the larger riders we set out to design an expert fork for the 12-15 crowd, well when we got done with it, we found out that not only did it meet our needs for the weight ( approx.24 ounces ) and strength concerns for a 12-15 year old rider, it has proved to be strong enough for the Pro riders as well. The Supercross Pro LT fork, utilizes the same great heat treating and post weld processing that makes our Pro Fork great, but adds in the fact that it is a tapered and butted leg and steertube which drops over 4 ounces off of the weight of our Pro fork. This makes this fork lighter and stronger than the alternative material forks on the market today and at half the price. The Pro LT like the Pro fork uses a 1 1/8" threadless steertube 175mm ( 6.875") long so you can cut it down if need be and has our welded in star nut and exclusive Top Cap and Spacer. Originally only in Black, this is the first fork that we did in Whitel. Suggested rider weight limit is 170lbs.

MSRP is $129.95 and should be available at your finer BMX shops now. So please check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer or one of our Approved Mail Order Outlets.