Supercross Pro Race Fork Header


The Supercross Pro Forks have proven themselves to be a reliable alternative to the alternative metal forks. Our forks are full seamless heat treated 4130 cro-mo that goes through a post weld processing to ensure that the strength you need is there. This was designed to be a race fork and at an approx. weight of 28 ounces ( 20" size ) it is super lightweight, but has found a home on the front of many skatepark and trail bikes as well as it is a workhorse of a fork and will put up with any punishment you can put out with your riding style. This fork uses a 1 1/8" threadless steertube that is 175mm ( 6.875") long so you can cut it down if need be, and now comes with our exclusive welded in star nut / top cap-spacer combo.

*Side Note- We have been getting a ton of calls asking if our 26" Pro Forks will work for the Fixie Bikes with a 700c wheel and yes it will. The Axle to Crown on the 26" Fork is 392mm and it works for all 26" BMX Cruisers and it has found a place in the Urban Fixed Gear Bikes as well. The 28" Supercross Forks are only available in the SLT model - Not the Regular Pro.

MSRP is $99.95 and should be available at your finer BMX shops now. So please check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer or one of our Approved Mail Order Outlets.