Pro BMX Race Fork

Supercross Pro Race Fork

The Supercross Pro Forks have proven themselves to be a reliable alternative to the alternative metal forks. Our forks are full seamless heat treated 4130 cro-mo that goes through a post weld processing to ensure that the strength you need is there. This was designed to be a race fork and at an approx. weight of 28 ounces ( 20" size ) it is super lightweight, but has found a home on the front of many skatepark and trail bikes as well as it is a workhorse of a fork and will put up with any punishment you can put out with your riding style. This fork uses a 1 1/8" threadless steertube that is 175mm ( 6.875") long so you can cut it down if need be, and now comes with our exclusive welded in star nut / top cap-spacer combo.

*Side Note- We have been getting a ton of calls asking if our 26" Pro Forks will work for the Fixie Bikes with a 700c wheel and yes it will. The Axle to Crown on the 26" Fork is 392mm and it works for all 26" BMX Cruisers and it has found a place in the Urban Fixed Gear Bikes as well. The 28" Supercross Forks are only available in the SLT model - Not the Regular Pro.

MSRP is $99.95 and should be available at your finer BMX shops now. So please check with your local Authorized Supercross Dealer or one of our Approved Mail Order Outlets.

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March 7, 2008 - When reviewed the Pro Race forks they scored a perfect 20/20
On race day there is nothing more important to me than a bike that feels like it's up for the job. Flex, even the slightest flex, is just plain annoying. Who wants to be battling with flex during a race? Let alone on the start gate, with the start being the most important part of the race you don't want to give anything away. There are a lot of strong forks out on the market today that can offer the strength and rigidity but can they also compete with the weight of the currently very popular carbon models?
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