Supercross LT-A 20mm Race Fork Header


The LT-A 20mm Race Fork was born out of the SLT 20mm Fork combined with a little bit of ENVY and EASTON Aluminum Technology.

When we designed the SLT 20mm Race Fork we knew it was going to be great, ultra strong, super light, but it was still over kill for some of the lighter riders on the team. I mean lets face it just because Dani can jump the Supercross Tracks, it doesn't mean she needs the same strength fork as Bubba does. They are 2 different weights of riders. For Bubba, the 20mm SLT fork is perfect, and at 28 ounces it is nice and light and strong for him, but for a rider like Dani where she is a good 100lbs lighter than Bubba, we knew we could go lighter and still keep all the strength that she needed.

With the LT-A ( Some call it the "Lighter than All") we wanted to keep the larger tube diameters to keep the strength at the crown to keep the 20mm axle nice and stiff. And using the Taperwall Technology and Heat Treat Processes of the Supercross ENVY Race Frames, we knew we could make the LT-A super light, super strong, super stiff and ready to race.

The Supercross LT-A 20mm Race fork is constructed of full 7005 T-6 Aluminum,  and has been given a full post weld heat treatment after welding to take it to it's maximum strength. The Legs start out at 1 1/4" OD and taper down to 1" at the dropouts.