SLT BLK Race Fork

Supercross SLT BLK Fork

The new Supercross SLT BLK Carbon fork is our first venture into a full Monocoque Carbon Fiber fork. The Manufacturing process of a solid 1 pc fork allows a stronger connection from the steertube to the fork blades so it is a stiffer and stronger structure, all while keeping the weight down.

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SLT 20mm Race Fork

Supercross SLT 20mm Race Fork

The 20mm SLT Race fork is the future of Cro-mo BMX racing forks. When the hype on the 20mm craze first hit, we were skeptical like you, but after months of testing in the lab and on the track, we can assure you the 20mm front end is not hype, it is fact.

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Supercross SLT BMX Race Fork

Supercross Pro and Pro LT forks have proven themselves for decades as the standard which all others are judged. The new SLT’s have surpassed anything that anyone could of dreamed of.

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Pro LT BMX Race Fork

Supercross Pro LT BMX Race Fork

After the success of our Supercross Pro Forks for the larger riders we set out to design an expert fork for the 12-15 crowd, well when we got done with it, we found out that not only did it meet our needs for the weight ( approx.24 ounces ) and strength concerns for a 12-15 year old rider, it has proved to be strong enough for the Pro riders as well.

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LT-A 20mm Race Fork

Supercross LT-A 20mm Race Fork

The LT-A 20mm Fork is our “Lighter Than All” 20mm 7005 Aluminum Race Fork.

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Mini / Jr. BMX Race Fork

Supercross Mini-Jr Race Fork

Our Mini/Jr fork is not as light as the alternative material forks out there, but we think we are pushing the limit as far as how light we can go and still be safe, so we would rather be an ounce or two heavier and know that the forks will hold up to anything the little guys can dish out.

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Pro BMX Race Fork

Supercross Pro Race Fork

The Supercross Pro Forks have been time tested for over a decade in it’s current version. And over 20 years since the original design.

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Fork Flush Top Cap

Supercross Fork Flush Top Cap

All Supercross SLT, PRO, and PRO LT Forks come with a welded in star nut and an Alloy Supercross Top Cap/Spacer stock that uses a 28mm open end wrench. Below you can purchase an alternative color top cap to change the look of your ride, or grab one of the new lighter Flush Top Caps which use a 6mm Allen Wrench rather than the large 28mm Open End Wrench. However you want to set up your fork we want to give you the options to do it the way you want.