Supercross SHINE

Supercross Shine 

The Supercross Shine 4x Race Frame is a full seamless Easton Custom Butted and Custom Shaped Ultra Light Race Tubed Aluminum race frame that is welded in fixture, aligned, aged to a T-4, checked for alignment and then continue aged to a T-6 hardness. The Shine uses a new 4x specific Geometry that blends our 20 years of World Championship Winning BMX geometry and that of the current crop of race bred 4x frames.

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The Seatmast is only 12.75" on both the long and short, so it has a very low profile stance. The Seat and Chainstays are custom Butted and Shaped Oval to round, so you have maximum tire clearance and rigidity at the BB shell, but not too overly stiff to make it ride like a brick.

The top and downtubes are custom shaped and butted Easton® ULR 7005 and use our unique shaping to keep the frame strong and light.

The Headtube is a 1 1/8" Campy Integrated and the Downtube has been raised on the headtube and a gusset added to allow for extra clearance for air valves and adjusters on most of the current crop of 4x forks. The headtube is 4.5" Tall in a typical BMX style.

The BB shell is a CNC'd 73mm wide Euro Threaded shell, and has welded on ISCG tabs so it is easy to keep your drivetrain straight with the minimum of headaches.

All cable routing is ran low and on the inside of the frame to keep it safe from anything kicked up on the course.

And at the back of the frame, we are using a Vertical/Adjustable dropout. By going with a Vertical dropout you are assured that your Disk Brake and Rear Derailleur will always be in perfect relation to your rear axle. But by having them be adjustable you are able to set itup as a single speed if you want and be able to dial in your chain. And for the hardcore, you can adjust your wheelbase on the multispeed to make sure that you are getting the most out of your ride for the track that you are on. There is a full inch of adjustment on these dropouts.

We are starting production in 2 stock sizes,a Short with a 21.75" Top tube and a Long with a 22.75" top tube.

Stock colors are: Pearl White , Gloss Black or Gun Metal Grey Powdercoat with Custom Anodized and Powdercoat options available as well.

June 19, 2011 -'s review of the Supercross Shine 4x frame
So your a leading BMX company and your looking to grow. Your current products are geared at elite athletes and wanted by many in the ever growing BMX scene. But that is not enough and you decide its time to step up your game. Where do you go from here? Well for Bill Ryan owner of Supercrossbmx it was simple …… you make the jump into the Mountain Bike scene. This is not the first time Supercross has taken a stab at MTN bikes. In fact I have one of the first MX26 frames made by the BMX company and still ride it from time to time. This time around though things are different…everything is very serious in the Supercross camp on putting out a premium product as their ultimate goal.

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2014 Supercross Shine Full Suspension 4x Geometry Chart
Size A B C D E F Seat Post Size Wheel Size
Short 21.75" 22.6" 69.5º 71º 12.1" 16" 27.2mm 26 X 2.3
Long 22.75" 23.6" 69.5º 71º 12.1" 16" 27.2mm 26 X 2.3
Xtra Long 23.15" 24.12" 69.5º 71º 12.1" 16" 27.2mm 26 X 2.3